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Jenni Romaniuk: Building Distinctive Brands

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In this episode, I talk with professor Jenni Romaniuk, author of books like How Brands Grow 2 and Building Distinctive Assets. We talk about distinctive assets, how to develop them and the psychology behind branding. It’s a deep dive into the science behind branding.

Episode Notes

Bio: International Director of the world-famous Ehrenberg-Bass Institute and author of Building Distinctive Brand Assets and How Brands Grow Part 2. 

Jenni is a leading expert in brand equity, mental availability, brand health metrics, advertising effectiveness, distinctive assets, word of mouth and the role of loyalty and growth. Through her work at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute she has advised many of the world’s biggest brands.

Jenni is an engaging and entertaining keynote speaker that has presented her research at leading industry conferences globally. Her new book Building Distinctive Brand Assets is a book for anyone with a brand, to help future-proof any brand's identity and learn which strategies work, and which don't. How Brands Grow Part 2, co-authored with Professor Byron Sharp, will change the way you think about marketing forever.

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